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Portable magnetic particle flaw detectors

CDX-II Fluorescent Flaw Detectors

Abstract: Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection machine factory to provide customers with CDX-II fluorescent flaw detectors suppliers, manufacturers, prices, which home good, equipment, products are sold to Jiangsu, Shanghai, Yancheng, Kunshan, Beijing, Yingkou, Dandong and other regions.

Product Details

PortableMagnetic Powder Flaw Detectors

1. Function and Application

The portable AC and AC-DC magnetic particle flaw detector is used for testing large workpieces and complex shaped parts by using residual magnetism method and magnetic yoke method. The electrical components of this product use imported components, sealed air plugs, with high degree of automation, simple operation, high sensitivity. The stability, safety and reliability of the equipment are ensured.

Can be equipped with four kinds of built-in lighting probes: A (horseshoe type); D (magnetic yoke type); E (rotational type); O (annular coil).

2.A, D, O, e-type probes

Type a probe: Also known as horseshoe magnetic yoke probe or fillet weld probe, movable joint bevel head, equipped with working lamp, especially suitable for the flaw detection of irregular surface and shape complex workpiece. Polar Distance: 20-160mm, lifting force: ac≥4.5 kg,dc≥18 kg, mass 1.8 kg. Use this probe to make a device called horseshoe magnetic yoke flaw detector or fillet weld flaw detector, the probe utilizes the movable joint, the use scope is wide;

D-Type probes: Also known as electromagnetic yoke probes, a variety of active joints, high magnetization. Polar Distance: 60-220mm, lifting force: ac≥6kg,dc≥18 kg, mass 2.0 kg. Independent use of this probe made of equipment called the electromagnetic yoke flaw detector, the probe has a high magnetic conductivity, magnetic strength, such as the characteristics of large;

E-type probes: Also known as cross magnetic yoke probes or rotating magnetic field probes, can be a full range of composite magnetization flaw detection, walking wheel and work lights can improve the flaw detection speed, pole distance: 110mm, lifting force: ac≥12 kg, quality: 2.5 kg. The independent use of this probe to make a device called the rotary magnetic field flaw detector, which utilizes two crossed yoke, uses the alternating current phase shift technology, causes it to produce changes with the time the synthesis rotating magnetic field, to the workpiece once omni-directional compound magnetization. Fast detection speed and high quality of inspection;

O-type probes: Also known as annular probes, inner diameter: mm, central magnetic field ≥180oe, quality: 3 Kg. The independent use of this probe to make a device called annular flaw detector, which uses the coil when the power to generate strong magnetic field design, suitable for shaft rods, pipelines, blades and other complex parts of the section flaw detection or demagnetization.

Applicable to a variety of large and complex parts of the local flaw detection, parts of the surface and near the surface due to casting quenching processing, fatigue, such as the production of small defects or cracks. Applicable to aerospace, aviation, railways, automobiles, ships, pressure vessels, machinery construction, bridges and other industries.

3. Technical parameters

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