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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Fixed magnetic particle flaw detection machine

CDG-6000 Auto Hub magnetic particle flaw detector

CDG-6000 Auto Hub magnetic particle flaw detector

Product Details

CDG-6000 Car WheelsMagnetic Particle flaw Detection machine 

1. Technical parameters

circumferential magnetization Current: AC 0-6000a (effective value), continuous adjustable, with power off phase control;

Longitudinal magnetization magnetic Potential: AC 0-18000at (effective value), Continuous adjustable band power off phase control;

Demagnetization Magnetic Potential: Attenuation type automatic demagnetization;

Demagnetization effect: ≤160a/m (0.2mT);

Clamping mode: Pneumatic clamping, pressure ≥0.4mpa adjustable;

magnetization mode: circumferential magnetization, longitudinal magnetization, compound magnetization;

Input power: Three-phase four line 380V, 50Hz.

2. Function and Application

The equipment is for oil fields, internal combustion engines, automobiles, machinery, military, shipbuilding and other industries used magnetic particle flaw detection machine. Control system by the PLC centralized control, machine movements such as clamping, loosening, spraying, magnetization, demagnetization and other actions are controlled by the PLC, the machine with the action of the manual Operation button.

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