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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Magnetic paste

Magnetic paste

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Magnetic pasteIn the magnetic powder: bx-bh magnetic paste in the JB-350 black magnetic powder and bx-rh magnetic paste JR-350 Red magnetic powder in accordance with the jb/t6063-92 "Magnetic particle testing magnetic powder technical conditions" in the "wet detection of non-fluorescent magnetic powder dry powder" of all technical requirements.

The use of magnetic paste: added to tap water to stir dispersed, to become water suspension for magnetic particle detection. Per litre of water: extrusion length 130-300 mm (weight about 12-31g), concentration determination of precipitation volume 1.3-3.5ml/100ml.

Magnetic paste Configuration Water Magnetic suspension ph Value: 8-8.5

Wettability of magnetic Suspension: No liquid section on bright surface of steel parts.

Corrosive: The Low carbon steel sample, which is treated by sandblasting or oil removal, is immersed in the magnetic suspension for 1 hours under working conditions, and is placed in the air for 24 hours observation without rust.

The detection sensitivity of the magnetic suspension is configured according to the recommended concentration: According to the jb/t6063-92 method, the jb/t6063-92 B-type test block shows the ≥5 hole, and the jb/t6063-2006i type test block is clearly displayed. According to the 10D standard continuous method, a Type test piece (15/100) is clearly displayed.

Toxicity: No harm to the human body, no stimulation to the skin.

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