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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Add: Jiangsu Sheyang Economic Development Zone (west)

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Inspection Consumables Accessories

Flaw detection Magnetic powder liquid spray jar

Abstract: Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection machine factory to provide customers with testing magnetic powder liquid spray cans suppliers, manufacturers, prices, which home good, equipment, products are sold to Jiangsu, Shanghai, Yancheng, Kunshan, Beijing, Yingkou, Dandong and other regions.

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Fluorescent flaw DetectorsSmall knitting to take you know flaw detection magnetic powder liquid spray cansPrinciple of work:

  1. Depending on the body material can be divided into: Metal spray cans, glass spray cans, plastic spray cans

2. According to the working principle of the spray valve can be divided into: plunger-type spray cans, lined bag spray cans, "energy sets" spray cans;

Design Essentials of Spray tank

1. The choice of spray tank container and spray mechanism must take into account the type of materials and the atomization shape

2. The type of the internal composition formula will determine the method of filling.

3. The atomization shape of the spray is mainly determined by the combination of valve and button switch.

4. Spray tank design should take full account of the requirements, the nature of the material, to ensure the quality and performance of the spray

5. Spray tank structure design to ensure that the container has a certain pressure resistance performance

6. The metal spray cans should pay attention to the decoration and the modelling design, adapts the consumer psychology

7. Valve and Spray tank container installation part is the center of gravity of spray tank design

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