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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Flaw detection fluorescence permeation fluid

Abstract: Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection machine factory to provide customers with fluorescent penetrant detection of liquid suppliers, manufacturers, prices, which home good, equipment, products are sold to Jiangsu, Shanghai, Yancheng, Kunshan, Beijing, Yingkou, Dandong and other regions.

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Magnetic Flaw Detection Machineof fluorescent osmotic fluidis the main raw material for penetrant testing, its main components include dyes, solvents, surfactants and additional components, the following four ingredients are introduced.


1: Coloring dyes: oil-soluble, alcohol-soluble, oil-alcohol mixture, the use of oil-soluble azo dyes;

Requirements: Bright color, high contrast, easy to clean, soluble in the appropriate solvents, light and thermal stability, do not fade, do not corrode the workpiece, no poison.

2: Fluorescent dyes: "crosstalk"-a fluorescent dye by ultraviolet radiation emitted by the fluorescence wavelength is exactly the same wavelength as the absorption spectrum of another dye, which is absorbed and excited the fluorescence. There are many kinds of fluorescent dyes, in the light of black lights from blue to red fluorescent dyes are, fluorescent penetrant should choose to emit a large yellow-green fluorescent dye under the irradiation of black light, this is because the human eye is most sensitive to yellow-green fluorescence, thus can improve detection sensitivity, our country commonly used fluorescent dyes have YJI-43, YJP-15, coumarin compounds such as MDAC and YJN-68.

Requirements: Luminous strong, bright color, and background contrast high, good stability, heat, not affected by light, easy to dissolve, clear first, less impurities, no corrosion without toxicity.

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