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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Industry knowledge

Installation method of Black light

Black Light LampIt is a special tool for trapping insects, which can save a lot of animal protein feed, reduce production cost and increase economic benefit in fish culture. The light wave wavelength of 3800, most insects flying moths, locusts, mantis, mosquitoes and so on, the wavelength of 3000-4000 of the light wave is extremely sensitive. The black light is the use of this principle to trap insects. The nutritional value of insects is scientifically determined, insects contain high protein, low fat, low cholesterol. Among them, the dry quality of fly larvae containing crude protein 59.39%, containing 12.6% of crude fat, similar to high-quality Peruvian fish meal (the Peruvian fish meal contains crude protein 60.4%, containing fat 8.4%), as well as fish meal containing a variety of amino acids, calcium and phosphorus.

Installation method of Black light

The Black Light lamp is composed of the AC power supply, the black lamp tube and accessories, the rain cover, the insect Proof board, the lamp frame and so on. The appearance and structure of the black light lamp is the same as that of the ordinary fluorescent lamp tube, but the phosphor of the lamp wall is different. The black light lamps currently in use have 20w and 40w two kinds. Black light accessories include rectifiers, dimensional appliances and switches. Accessories specifications should match the specifications of the black light lamp. Rain-proof cover is to prevent the black light lamp pipe and its accessories of the water equipment, turn in the lamp and its accessories above. The baffle plate can be made of hard and transparent things such as glass panels, the length of which is the same as that of the tube, each tube can be 3 to 4 pieces of baffle plate. Lamp racks can be made of rods, bamboo poles and angle.

The principle of installing a black light is safe, economical, simple and efficient. Black light can be placed in the center of the pool, if the water surface is large, can be in the concentration of soft-shelled turtle or often active areas, respectively, set up a few, to facilitate the use of turtle species to prey on insects. The height of the black light is suitable, do not distance too high, lest affect the effect of trapping insects, electricity can not be too low, so as to avoid the turtle type of prey when they touch bad lamp. The method of adding an ordinary lamp on the black light lamp can also be adopted to improve the efficiency of insect trapping. After the experiment, add an ordinary 60w bulb on a black light lamp, the insect-trapping efficiency can increase by 0. 7 to 3. 16 times times.

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