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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Add: Jiangsu Sheyang Economic Development Zone (west)

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Industry knowledge

Demagnetization machine demagnetization after how to test demagnetization effect and residual magnetism how much

Demagnetization MachineDemagnetization after the effect of how to need to check. You can use a pin, a compass, a magnetic transducer, and more simple methods. However, in order to carry out the quantitative test, it is necessary to use the Gaussian meter of the hall element and the magnetic flux meter with special sensing element to complete.

First, the Compass inspection

Place the compass away from all magnetizing equipment, demagnetization equipment and ferromagnetic materials, and then place the material to be inspected at a specified distance from the east-west axis of the compass and rotate slowly by 360 degrees. In the process of rotation, the compass needle should not be deflected more than 1 degrees, such as exceeding this limit, this part must be demagnetization again.

Second, the use of magnetic flux meter and magnetic field strength meter test

The measuring device is placed on the surface of the part and moved on it to measure the maximum magnetic field strength at the close surface. This magnetic field strength value should not exceed the specified value, if exceeding the specified value, then this part must be demagnetization again.

Third, non-quantitative testing

Where there is no need for quantitative data, can be a piece of thin steel is not magnetized a string, with the hands of a thin line of steel hanging in the air, when the thin steel sheet near the surface of the parts, thin steel sheet should not be attracted by the surface, then this part must be demagnetization again.


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