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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Add: Jiangsu Sheyang Economic Development Zone (west)

Contact Person: Mr. Zhu

Phone: 13004587009


Industry knowledge

Correct purchase of flaw detection and cleaning machine

With the development of the market, people will know more and more about the inspection and cleaning machine,Inspection and cleaning MachineDemand will also be released, especially in the increasingly popular China, the need for flaw detection and cleaning machine must not be overlooked, I believe that the detection of cleaning machine in China will achieve rapid development. Here we are relatively unfamiliar with the cleaning equipment, provide a few purchase skills to facilitate the purchase of everyone.

One, according to the sprinkler to buy. There are many types of nozzle for the flaw detector, and the cleaning effect of each nozzle is different. For example, the main function of the circular nozzle is to improve the cleaning power, fan-type sprinkler head can be rolled as a low-pressure spray (can spray soapy water) and high-pressure fan-type column, low pressure brush can be sprayed low pressure water quietly scouring and so on. Some of these sprinklers will be attached, some need to buy their own, in the acquisition to see the need for a good choice.

Second, purchase according to the use. There are two main uses for general flaw detection and cleaning machines: household and commercial, in general, the use of household frequency is not too high, the use of a long time is not much, clean objects relatively few, therefore, in the purchase, as long as some of the relatively inexpensive price, design a relatively simple flaw detection cleaning machine enough to meet the family. And for commercial use, usually used in more than 100h a year, so in the purchase, buy large volume, the use of copper alloy pump head More appropriate, of course, the price is relatively high.

Third, according to the merchant purchase. The current market on the detection of cleaning machine brand many, in general, imports than domestic in the performance of a lot better, the quality is more assured, of course, the price is higher, maintenance costs are also higher. is a mixed blessing and should be carefully weighed when buying. In the selected flaw detection cleaning machine brand, but also to pay attention to the selection of businesses, domestic flaw detection cleaning machine almost no factory outlets are by the distributor agent. Therefore, the choice of a formal distributor, to ensure product quality, and after-sales service.

Four, according to the hot and cold purchase. The testing and cleaning machine is divided into hot water and cold water type. Most of the general market needs are cold water, faucet input at room temperature can be used, but there are parts of the operating site needs to be washed with hot water, then it is necessary to buy hot water type flaw detection cleaning machine, assuming the use of cold water to write hot water, the internal parts containing water pump will be very quickly damaged, unnecessary to throw away.

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