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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Add: Jiangsu Sheyang Economic Development Zone (west)

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Industry knowledge

CJW-2000 type magnetic particle flaw detection machine "Operation Code"

First, the basic requirements

Magnetic Particle flaw Detection machineOperators must carefully read the "Use of the manual", familiar with the structure of equipment, performance, test principles, is strictly prohibited illegal operation.

Ii. Preparation before the work

1, the fluorescence magnetization liquid formulation: Uses the fluorescent magnetic powder and the tasteless kerosene or the special kerosene presses 2-3g/lPreparation.

2, will deploy the good about 20 litersMagnetic suspended LiquidPour into the groove, stir the magnetized liquid evenly with the centrifugal pump.

Third, the test procedure

1, Boot: Close the front of the general Power switch, power indicator light red, and so on, the machine charged, connect the air pump switch, the pressure set at 0.4MPaAround (this equipment clearance fuel injection, tightening flaw detection parts need gas switch, pressure can not be less than0.35MPa

2, adjust the chuck position, put into the product after the gap should be in 10~15Mm, open water pump suction medium liquid.

3, circumferential magnetizing current adjustment: The circumferential magnetizing current switch set off the state, the program switch is placed manually, start foot switch, cylinder work, rotating circumferential magnetizing current knob Adjust current, the current size is determined.

The relationship between the current and the diameter shall conform to:D<>WhenI200+ (8~) DD20mmWhenI(8~) DRequirements. The specific:M6 250~300A M8270~330a M10 280~350a

M12 300~400a M14 320~430a M16 330~450a

M18 350~490a M20 360~520a

Non-circular rod-shaped parts adopt an electric current equal to the effective diameter.

4, longitudinal current switch open state, start foot switch, cylinder work, rotating longitudinal magnetization current knob adjustment. Longitudinal magnetization Current, general selection of 1~3A, the larger the size of the current also selected large

5,The sensitivity test piece uses:

Wipe the appropriate sensitivity test piece with soft paper or gauze, will have the side of the scar with tape paper affixed to the workpiece surface, with the workpiece magnetization, and on the test film sprayed magnetized liquid, after the magnetization of the test piece under the fluorescent lamp can see clearly groove, to determine whether the current suitability, magnetic powder performance is appropriate.

6, adjust the liquid spray ball valve to determine the size of the spray, to all the media liquid.

7, adjust the spray time, so that the magnetizing current before the disappearance of the spray, to prevent magnetization after the magnetic powder fluid traces were washed away.

8, adjust the finished, you can work, the workpiece placed on the card head, start foot switch, cylinder work clamping, press the spray liquid switch, at the same time magnetizing.

9, probe retract, remove the workpiece (as far as possible contact with the outside to prevent the surface of the magnetic fluid is damaged), under the ultraviolet fluorescent lamp, there are surface defects there will be obvious line-like fluorescent lines.

10, the product of demagnetization treatment, products on the demagnetization machine on the lower part of the green, transport belt Movement, will work a piece of demagnetization coil demagnetization. It takes 2 or even 3 times to demagnetization the magnetization.

11, the need for continuous work, the program knob to set the program position. Start the pedal switch to work. No need to manually press the power, spray button.

Four, Attention matters:

1, theMagnetic Particle flaw Detection machineLarge current, the connection and contact points must be good, flaw detection workpiece must have good contact surface, otherwise the contact surface is easy to burn or may ignite fluorescent media.

2, in operation, if the workpiece surface contact is bad, or the material internal resistance caused by circumferential magnetizing current is not up to the predetermined value, the fault lantern flashing 5 seconds automatic alarm.

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