Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection Machine factory
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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

Phone: 0515-82385718

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Add: Jiangsu Sheyang Economic Development Zone (west)

Contact Person: Mr. Zhu

Phone: 13004587009



Basic introduction of Black light

Black Light Lampis a special gas discharge lamp, it emits 330-400nm ultraviolet light, which is human insensitive light, so the human insensitive ultraviolet light produced by the light is called a black light. Black-light lamps look like ordinary fluorescent lamps or incandescent bulbs, but some of them are completely different. The traditional black-light design and the comparison of fluorescent lamps only have several important changes. A fluorescent lamp produces light by an electric current through a tube filled with inert gas and a small amount of mercury. When energized, the mercury atoms emit energy in the form of visible light. They emit some visible light, but most are photons emitted in the range of ultraviolet wavelengths. The ultraviolet light wavelength is too short to see. Fluorescent lamps must convert this energy into visible light. In order to achieve the objective, the phosphorus coating is applied outside the tube.

Black Light is a special type of gas discharge lamp, the structure and electrical characteristics of the lamp is the same as the general lighting fluorescent lamp, but the coating of the tube wall is different. A black light can emit a person's invisible ultraviolet rays, and agricultural pests have a great

Phototaxis, so it is widely used in agriculture. The lamp has h 120, H 140 model, its rated voltage power 220V, the power is 20W, 40W respectively. Power supply can have AC and DC two kinds. AC power supply has "black light Shing" and "High-voltage grid pest-killing lights" and so on.

The "Black Light lamp" produces light within the ultraviolet range, and its spectra are limited to long-wave ultraviolet regions.

Black light can also be very inefficient, by simply using wood glass instead of transparent glass as an ordinary incandescent bulb package This is the way to create the first black light lamp light source. Although it is cheaper than the fluorescent lamp source, only 0.1% of the input power is converted to usable radiation. Black-light bulbs produce a large amount of ultraviolet light, which can become a dangerous hot spot because of its low efficiency. More dangerously, high power (hundreds of watts) mercury vapor black lamps are used in ultraviolet fluorescent powder and Wood's glass envelopes, mainly for theatrical and concert displays, and they also become very hot under normal use.

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