Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection Machine factory
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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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The importance of using demagnetization machine

Demagnetization MachineGenerally used in permanent magnet material, demagnetization is the workpiece placed in the alternating amplitude gradually decreasing, hysteresis back line trajectory is also getting smaller, when the magnetic field strength reduced to zero, so that residues in the workpiece residual residual magnetism br near zero. Demagnetization of the current and the direction of the magnetic field and the size of the change must be "reversing attenuation at the same time"

Importance editors

After demagnetization treatment, the workpiece is completely non-magnetic, do not suck other ferromagnetic materials, easy to clean, magnetic treatment can reduce residual stress, can increase the life of the workpiece and surface effects.

Demagnetization treatment Technology is a new type of non heat treatment metal material performance treatment technology, it uses the magnetic pulse processing technology to reduce the internal residual stress of steel workpiece, change its dislocation structure and defect construction, improve the overall mechanical properties of the workpiece.

Magnetic removal Technology Set electronics, iron magnetism, metal materials science is equal to a, high technology content.

The wear resistance, durability and fatigue resistance of the workpiece treated by magnetic field are obviously improved.

Demagnetization machine is generally used in permanent magnetic materials (Alnico, ferrite) and low coercive force materials (hardware, mold steel, etc.) demagnetization, can be divided into pulse demagnetization and AC demagnetization type.

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