Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection Machine factory
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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Development and present situation of magnetic particle flaw detector

Our country in recent yearsMagnetic Powder Flaw DetectorsGrowth is also very fast, has achieved serialization, three full wave DC flaw detection ultra-low frequency demagnetization equipment performance has been hit the level of similar equipment abroad. The AC magnetic powder flaw detector is used to install the Power phase controller to ensure the residual magnetism stability when the residual magnetism method is tested. is our specialty. The technology of three-phase thyristor power controller can be substituted for the Stepless regulation magnetizing current of the lotus-root transformer, and it lays the foundation for the miniaturization of the electronic products of the magnetic particle flaw detection machine. The production and application of intelligent equipment. The magnetic particle flaw detection machine for photoelectric scanning image recognition has been successfully developed. The experimental research on the reality of magnetic mark with computer has made great progress, and there are many applications of automation and semi-automatic equipment.

Magnetic particle flaw detection equipment, a lot of foreign countries, if fixed magnetic particle flaw detection machine for 400W cold light source black light has been applied. The development of a fast power-off Measurer solves the problem of "fast power-off effect" of DC magnetization. Scale specimens and test blocks, and residual magnetic walls are measured as carrier fluids. Fluorescent magnetic powder General recommend the use of 14A, foreign also developed white light fluorescent magnetic powder. Fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection is reliable, speed, abroad has been widely used.

The growth of production equipment in China, such as magnetic particle flaw detection LPW-3 number carrier fluid (no odor-free), performance has been sentimental foreign similar products. Widely used in many industries in the country. B and e-type test blocks for magnetic particle testing. Performance indicators are due to foreign similar products. has been approved as a "national standard sample" widely used. The performance of ST80 (c) illuminance meter and uv-a ultraviolet radiation meter can meet the requirements. In foreign KS234 test pieces are equivalent to M1-type multi-purpose standard. The quality of fluorescent magnetic powder is also improving. But there are other varieties of black light to develop, fluorescent magnetic powder flaw detection is not enough, the use of common, pocket-sized magnetometer production still can not meet market demand.

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