Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection Machine factory
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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

Phone: 0515-82385718

Fax: 0515-82331542


Add: Jiangsu Sheyang Economic Development Zone (west)

Contact Person: Mr. Zhu

Phone: 13004587009



Main uses of fluorescent magnetic powder

Fluorescent Magnetic PowderThis is a magnetic powder that is observed under ultraviolet (black light) irradiation. Fluorescent magnetic powder has two kinds of water and oil.

Application of fluorescent magnetic powder ingredient

It is the magnetic iron oxide powder, industrial pure iron powder, carbonyl iron powder, etc. as the core, and then glue a layer of fluorescent dyes outside the resin made. Under ultraviolet light irradiation, can emit the wavelength for the human eye receives the most sensitive bright yellow green fluorescence, 510~550nm with the workpiece surface color to form the very high contrast. Fluorescent magnetic powder has a high detection sensitivity, visibility and the contrast with the workpiece surface is much larger than the fluorescent magnetic powder, easy to observe, can improve the speed of detection, the use of a wide range.

Application field of fluorescent magnetic powder

Fluorescent magnetic powder is used in nondestructive testing of magnetic particle flaw detection machine (wet test).

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