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Operation Technology of fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection

Fluorescence magnetic particle flaw detectionThe operation process of the method

Magnetic particle flaw detection is one of the five conventional methods for nondestructive testing, and it is also a common method to test the surface or near surface defects of ferromagnetic materials. Because of its high detection sensitivity and simple and reliable process, it is widely used. Magnetic particle flaw detection is classified into magnetic powder materials, which can be divided into common magnetic particle flaw detection and fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection. This paper focuses on the application of fluorescence magnetic powder method in pressure vessel flaw detection, and introduces the results of the comparison test of the two kinds of testing methods. At present, magnetic particle flaw detection in domestic pressure vessel industry is mainly used in casting and forging large parts (such as head, box, etc.) and important structural welds and high-strength steel surface quality inspection. And most of the common use of non-fluorescent magnetic particle detection method.

However, in advanced industrial countries, almost all steel manufacturers are using fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection method. The fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection method is used in the aircraft and automobile manufacturing parts of China for magnetic particle flaw detection.

Fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection has proved that the fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection has many advantages over the traditional black magnetic powder (or colored non fluorescent magnetic powder) flaw detection, and has accumulated a lot of practical experience, and it is worthy to popularize the steel structure manufacturing industry including pressure vessel.

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