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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Research background of magnetic flaw detection machine

Magnetic Flaw Detection MachineThe research background

Steam turbines used in power plants, in the process of casting and forging, the core of generator rotor is usually residual with low melting point slag and hole and so on, and the rotor is working under the high speed operation, these defects especially the defects of the hole wall surface are affected by the alternating stress during the operation, so it is easy to produce fatigue crack. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out flaw detection.

At present, at home and abroad on the inner wall of large shaft and other deep holes inside the surface flaw detection, commonly used methods are:

1, directly using endoscope or camera tube into the hole to observe or video. This method is equivalent to the magnification of magnifying glass to the eye inspection, low sensitivity, and can not detect near-surface defects;

2, the use of eddy current approach. The surface flaw detection sensitivity of the above method is greatly improved, but the external interference of the center hole surface finish is larger.

3, the use of the large axis of the whole magnetization, and then by endoscope observation method.

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