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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Magnetic particle flaw Detector four point purchase suggestion

Magnetic Powder Flaw DetectorsAs a small portable instrument for surface and near surface nondestructive testing, it is widely used in pressure vessels, pipelines, boilers, shipyards, steel structures and so on, because of its small size, light, only need 220v power supply.

Magnetic particle flaw detectors are purchased back more for weld inspection. After years of research and development of magnetic particle flaw detector models a lot of types, many customers can not very clearly know that they need to purchase the model of magnetic particle flaw detector, in order to help customers choose the magnetic particle flaw detector (hereinafter referred to as flaw detector) model, here to provide a number of flaw detection device to buy suggestions for reference:

1, according to the inspection process requirements to purchase, such as the detection of the depth of the requirements must be purchased with DC magnetization function flaw detectors, such as no depth requirements, the purchase of AC magnetization flaw detectors, DC flaw detectors than the AC flaw detector of the price is higher.

2, according to the need to detect the position of the weld to buy, flaw detectors in the testing need to be matched detection probes have a/d/e/o four kinds of probes. The magnetic particle flaw detectors can only be matched by a single type of probe, some can be equipped with two to three probes, some of which can be fully equipped with four probes, we need to purchase according to the weld position, such as planar weld, can be selected with the E-type rotating magnetic field probes can be, e-type probes can be weekly, longitudinal and simultaneously detected, such as fillet weld to select a-type probe, round weld can choose D-type can be O-type probe.

3, according to the detection of space to buy, high-altitude detection, you can choose to have a rechargeable battery without the host flaw detector, this can be removed from the cable and the weight of the host. This flaw detector can also be selected in small space.

4, according to the detection purposes to buy, have a professional testing company, need to travel to customers to provide testing services, can choose with battery or without battery without the host flaw detector, can greatly reduce the carrying weight.

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