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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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How to correctly operate black light lamp?

How to correctly operate flaw detectionBlack Light Lamp?

1, the black light is just lit, the output can not reach the maximum value, so the inspection should be at least 3min after the work.

2, to minimize the number of lights switch, frequent start will reduce the life of the lamp.

3, the light energy after the use of black lights decreased, so should be measured on a regular basis of the radiation.

4, the power supply voltage fluctuation has a great influence on the black light lamp. The voltage is low, the lamp may not start, or use the lighted lamp to extinguish. When the voltage exceeds the rated voltage of the lamp, the service life of the lamp is greatly affected, so it is necessary to install a voltage stabilizer to keep the power supply voltage stable.

5, the filter is dirty, should be cleared in time, otherwise it will affect the issue of black light.

6, to avoid splashing the magnetic suspension on the black light lamp, so that the lamp burst.

7. Do not direct the black light to the person's eyes.

8, filter If there is a crack, should be updated in time, because it will make visible light and medium and short wave ultraviolet light through, harmful to the human body.

Tengda Flaw Detection Machine factory (Suzhou magnetic Flux testing equipment) is always committed to the development of ultraviolet lamp professional company, recently introduced a number of excellent performance fluorescent black light, the new flaw detection black light lamp used LED light source (import, domestic have), that is, light, no need to wait, light life > 30,000 hours, Greatly reduced the use cost of nondestructive testing of black light. And the flaw detection black light lamp in magnetic particle flaw detection machine magnetic field, is not affected by the magnetic field. Keep stable wavelength and illumination continuously and stably.

At present, the types of ultraviolet ray detection of black light are: handheld, hanging, rechargeable, and other forms of led flaw detection of black light, the current face of most of the country's industry customers to conduct free trial activities, if the non-destructive testing black light lamp interested, please and TENGDA Flaw Detection machine factory (Suzhou magnetic flux testing equipment) Contact, Enquiry Tel: 13004587009.

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