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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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How to detect the cleaning effect of the cleaning machine for flaw detection?

Inspection and cleaning MachineAfter use, we also need to check the cleaning effect to see if there is clean. Due to a variety of factors, we can not be tested at all levels, of course, a small number of words. At this point, if we still need to see each one with our eyes, then very waste of time. In this, we can take some ways to help us both fast and accurate to solve the problem.

1. Special inspection of the specific dirt of the flaw detection and cleaning machine

The test method is to select the most influential dirt to determine. General mechanical components for degreasing cleaning is suitable for this method, at this time the detection of the focus is on the inspection of cleaning machine oily dirt and do not have to carry out specific testing of other dirt. The method can also test the cleanliness of the cleaning object.

2. To detect the most polluted parts of the cleaning machine as a test standard

When we use this method to detect, if the detection of cleaning machine contamination of the most serious parts, its cleanliness has reached the requirements, testing and cleaning machine can use water or refrigeration system cooling water as a cleaning of the operating medium, save water and energy saving. The need to pay attention to is elected to use the system cooling water as a cleaning medium must do a good job of the filtration link, no dirt or debris into the inspection and cleaning machine into the water pipe road.

3. Random sampling method for inspection and cleaning machine

This method is suitable for cleaning objects more annoying, due to the relationship between the time, we can not one by one of the cleaning object detection, this time we often need to randomly extract the individual flaw detection cleaning machine to carry out testing, by its test results to determine the cleanliness of all cleaning objects. To use this method, it is important to select a certain number of tests to accurately reflect the overall situation.

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