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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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The superiority of fluorescence flaw detector

Fluorescent flaw DetectorsThe new technology of nondestructive testing in fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection, it can accurately detect the surface of steel materials and near-surface defects, widely used in automobiles, machinery, railways, navigation, aerospace, aerospace, metallurgy and other departments of fluorescent magnetic powder is a fluorescent magnetic powder flaw display agent.

The use of fluorescent flaw detectors with the domestic use of black, red magnetic powder and white magnetic powder flaw detection compared with unparalleled advantages:

1, can effectively reduce the inspection staff's vision fatigue, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions, improve detection efficiency;

2, can avoid false detection and the phenomenon of missing, to ensure product quality;

3, fluorescent magnetic powder flaw detection is particularly suitable for the inspection of dark surface parts of the defects, all parts can be clearly displayed small defects, than the detection of black magnetic particle inspection sensitivity of about 3O;

4, compared with black and red magnetic powder flaw detection, the cost of fluorescent magnetic particle flaw detection is also reduced;

5, fluorescent flaw detectors show the yellow-green ant-ming magnetic marks, equipped with the corresponding photoelectric conversion elements and electronic circuits, can be fully automated detection.

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