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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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How to choose fluorescent magnetic powder correctly?

Fluorescent Magnetic PowderMostly used for wet testing, water or tasteless kerosene, according to a certain proportion of the preparation of magnetic suspension can be used. Can be matched with water fluorescent magnetic powder, we called water-based magnetic powder, but also known as composite fluorescent magnetic powder, which added dispersant, rust inhibitor. Fluorescent magnetic powder, which is matched with tasteless kerosene, is directly called oily fluorescent magnetic powder.

The selection of fluorescent magnetic powder:

Fluorescent magnetic powder is divided into water and oil, then when the use of water, when the use of oil, it is necessary to consider.

Fluorescent magnetic powder, water-based and oily prices are similar, but the use of water and tasteless kerosene price difference is very large, so the use of water-based than oily fluorescent magnetic powder integrated cost is much lower.

Fluorescent magnetic powder selection, you can participate in the test as listed below:

1, if the detection of the workpiece, the following also has a car processing program, you can use water-based fluorescent magnetic powder.

2, if the test after the workpiece, followed by water cleaning, you can use water-based fluorescent magnetic powder.

3, if the workpiece after testing, the surface of galvanized, chrome, blackening and other treatment, you can use water-based fluorescent magnetic powder.

4, if the workpiece after testing, oil cleaning, the need to use oily fluorescent magnetic powder.

5, if the test pieces, in the processing of the emulsion used is oil-based, the need for oily fluorescent magnetic powder.

6, the completion of the testing of the workpiece, the need for packaging shipments, the need for oily fluorescent magnetic powder.

7, the inspection of the workpiece belongs to precision parts, the need for oily fluorescent magnetic powder.

8, according to the testing technology requirements.

The preparation method of fluorescent magnetic powder:

1, water-based fluorescent magnetic powder Preparation:

Compound Fluorescent Magnetic Powder: 4-5 g/Liter water

2, the preparation of oily fluorescent magnetic powder:

Magnetic powder: 3-5 grams/litre of tasteless kerosene (need to be based on the actual sensitivity of the test piece to deploy)

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