Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection Machine factory
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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

Phone: 0515-82385718

Fax: 0515-82331542


Add: Jiangsu Sheyang Economic Development Zone (west)

Contact Person: Mr. Zhu

Phone: 13004587009



Magnetic flaw Detection Machine test procedure matters needing attention

Magnetic Flaw Detection MachineConsiderations for the test procedure

1, Boot: Close the front of the general Power switch, power indicator lights bright red, the machine charged, connected to the air pump switch, the pressure set at 0.4MPa or so (the equipment clearance fuel injection, tightening flaw detection parts need gas switch, pressure can not be less than 0.35MPa)

2, adjust the chuck position, into the product after the gap should be in 10~15mm, open water pump suction medium liquid.

3, circumferential magnetizing current adjustment: The circumferential magnetizing current switch set off the state, the program switch is placed manually, start foot switch, cylinder work, rotating circumferential magnetizing current knob Adjust current, the current size is determined.

Longitudinal current switch open state, start foot switch, cylinder work, rotate longitudinal magnetizing current knob to adjust current. Longitudinal magnetization Current, the general selection of 1~3A, the larger the size of the part of the current also selected large.


1, the machine current is big, each connection and contact point must be good, flaw detection workpiece also must have good contact surface, otherwise the contact surface is easy to burn or may ignite the fluorescent medium.

2, in operation, if the workpiece surface contact is bad, or the material internal resistance caused by circumferential magnetizing current is not up to the predetermined value, the fault lantern flashing 5 seconds automatic alarm.

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