Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection Machine factory
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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Application of magnetic particle flaw detector to equipment requirements and analysis

Magnetic Particle flaw Detection machineFlaw detection equipment Demand analysis:

1, magnetic particle flaw detection equipment to be able to magnetization, add magnetic powder, view and demagnetization and other four programs, if there is no other explanation can not demagnetization equipment;

2, magnetizing equipment has the current method and the magnet law two kinds;

3, the use of fluorescent magnetic powder or luminous magnetic powder suspension work, to use black light lighting equipment;

4, magnetic choke type or magnetic pole type equipment to note in a certain pole distance of the elevation of data, as a test of this device can be passed to a certain magnetic potential basis. Electromagnetic iron magnetic Choke also need to note the variety and frequency of current;

5, the magnetic particle flaw detection equipment and test pieces of the appearance, size, material, appearance and the realization of the defect test target and can be stable and safe to carry out the flaw detection;

6, Demagnetization equipment in accordance with the use of the test pieces to control the residual magnetism to a certain extent;

7, the wet method of magnetic suspension to increase the equipment, to be installed in the Groove stirring settings, so that the magnetic powder dispersed magnetic suspension can be effectively added to the workpiece and has no effect on the resulting magnetic mark;

8, dry method of magnetic powder to increase equipment, the need to let dry magnetic powder has been in uniform dispersion, can safely add magnetic powder to the parts and no side effects on the magnetic mark.

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