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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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Cleaning machine

TQX-3000 Cleaning Machine assembly line

Abstract: Sheyang county Tengda flaw Detection machine factory to provide customers with TQX-3000 cleaning machine assembly line suppliers, manufacturers, prices, which home good, equipment, products are sold to Jiangsu, Shanghai, Yancheng, Kunshan, Beijing, Yingkou, Dandong and other regions.

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TQX-3000Inspection and cleaning MachinePipelineThe use of stainless steel chain belt conveyor belt conveyor form, the workpiece placed in the conveyor belt, that is, the motor-driven cycloid reducer, thus driving the chain conveyor belt continuous operation. The workpiece is transported to the work station in turn, its conveying speed is 0.3~1.2m/min, stepless continuous adjustable. Adjust conveyor belt speed, can be directly located in the electronic control cabinet inverter on the adjustment. The workpiece is also used continuously through the cleaning method, when the workpiece in the continuous conveying process, the completion of the road spray cleaning process, and then into the fine wash, after washing and then into the wind dry, and then into the hot air drying, blanking packaging.

When the workpiece is transported to the cleaning room, by the top and bottom nozzle, the workpiece on the external surface of the spray cleaning, remove the workpiece on the debris and dirt, to meet the cleanliness of the workpiece requirements. After cleaning the workpiece into the wind blow dry surface water, and then after drying the workpiece automatically down to the lower stage for manual packaging or boxing. In order to obtain better cleaning effect, the selected cleaning pressure is 3kgf/cm2, the nozzle adopts the adjustable nozzle, the nozzle can adjust the angle of the nozzle in 30° range. In order to make the workpiece surface oil effect is excellent, oil coating using oil mist oil. The workpiece surface is coated with oil without oil beads. Because the workpiece is cleaned after processing, it is required to blow the workpiece up and down with the wind knife to remove too much water from the workpiece. This scheme uses high-pressure Feng to blow the water off the workpiece.

The washing machine has a total of six work stations, that is, feeding → cleaning → fine washing → Feng blow dry → hot air coax dry → blanking packaging. The machine mainly consists of fuselage and upper cover, conveying system, cleaning system, Feng blowing system, oil pollution treatment system, liquid level control system and electrical control system.

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