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CT demagnetization Machine/coil

CDG-6000 Demagnetization Machine Device

CDG-6000 Demagnetization Machine Device

Product Details

CDG-6000 Demagnetization Machine Device

1. Function and Application

is for small and medium-sized workpiece in AC magnetization after the Exchange demagnetization special equipment, belong to the adoption of demagnetization device. As long as the workpiece on the demagnetization machine conveyor belt, so that the workpiece through the coil and away from a distance, you can achieve demagnetization purposes. The device is suitable for the bulk demagnetization of parts on the assembly line.

2. Technical parameters

Demagnetization Coil is also known as degaussing coil or demagnetization coil, according to Demagnetization Circuit, can be used to carry magnetic parts away from the method or attenuation method demagnetization, demagnetization coil demagnetization speed, large batch, simple operation is its advantages. It can be cut, folding, car, grinding, planing, milling and other processing parts of magnetic removal, can also be used for magnetic particle detection after the magnetic removal of parts.

1, demagnetization coil of importance

Demagnetization, demagnetization coil is demagnetization, demagnetization, degaussing Special equipment, are all kinds of demagnetization machine's main demagnetization device, quite a variety of demagnetization machine heart. It can be said that there is no demagnetization coil cannot have demagnetization machine existence.

Through Demagnetization coil will work piece of residual magnetic removal (indicating the workpiece on the magnetic removal is not possible, can only say to a very low value), is conducive to workpiece surface treatment, is conducive to increasing the life of parts, to prevent high-speed running parts wear.

2, demagnetization coil Technical parameter diversity, on-demand customization is very important

demagnetization Coil window size, directly related to the magnetic field strength, power size, temporary load rate. And the change of this parameter will directly affect the manufacturing cost.

Demagnetization Coil If the load is small, it can not meet the requirements of the magnetic field strength, demagnetization effect, such as too large, will result in increased equipment investment costs, and even the power supply transformer capacity to form a correlation effect.

There are many thousands of kinds of workpieces that need demagnetization, size, length difference is very large, to make demagnetization coil in the use of the highest efficiency, cost-effective optimal, it is impossible to make a standard model, it is necessary to eliminate degaussing workpiece design, to avoid waste, to ensure that demagnetization equipment service life, demagnetization effect, the use of energy-saving, Ensure that the cost of purchasing equipment investment is not wasted.

3, demagnetization coil combination of various forms

Demagnetization coil can be used in accordance with the site, use purposes, and the corresponding mechanism can be made into conveyor belt demagnetization machine, trolley-type demagnetization machine, platform-type demagnetization machine and so on.

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