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Sheyang County, Jiangsu Province Tengda flaw Detection machine factory

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PT Fluorescent Penetrant Testing machine

TDST-1200 Fluorescent Penetrant Testing machine

TDST-1200 Fluorescent Penetrant Testing machine

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TDST-1200 Fluorescent Penetrant Testing machineUse of

The surface and internal defects of the machined parts and welds are shown to evaluate the quality of the products. Shows the location, shape, and size of discontinuities. can detect the material surface of the very fine cracks, hair lines, white spots, folding, inclusions and other defects, with high detection sensitivity, and can visually show the location of the defect, shape, size and severity, check the defects of good repeatability. It has been widely used in pipe, bar, profile, welding parts, machining parts and forgings inspection, especially in pressure vessel and bearing inspection.

Knowledge Point 1: Working principle of fluorescent penetrant detection line

Fluorescent penetrant detection is the penetration of fluorescent substances coated on the workpiece surface, due to capillary action, penetrant will penetrate into the workpiece surface defects, and then wipe off the workpiece surface of excess penetrant, and then on its surface coated with a thin layer of imaging agent, the workpiece defects in the penetration agent in the capillary action will be adsorbed to the workpiece surface, Allow the flaw to be magnified for easy observation. The detection of fluorescent penetrant line can be applied to the penetration detection of magnetic and non-magnetic materials in internal combustion engine, aviation, automobile, pressure vessel and other industries.

Knowledge points 2: Common configurations for fluorescent penetrant testing machines

Cleaning system, after the infiltration of the parts to rinse, remove most of the osmotic fluid in order to smear the fluorescent liquid, drying system, drying the workpiece after cleaning, so as to show the defect; the imaging observation system, the imaging agent suction the osmotic fluid from the defect, and then observe under the fluorescent lamp, and penetrate the system to completely penetrate the inspection workpiece, Let the osmotic fluid quickly enter the defective place.

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